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UGH! Just looked up my apartment on a map and found out that it is a half mile to get to just about anything useful on campus. So if I don’t want to cook or we don’t have food in the apartment, I have to walk a mile just to get a meal. It sounds like I’m only going to campus if I plan on staying for a while, not just to grab a sandwich. And my mom’s suggest of how to get around easier was just a list of ways to make my backpack lighter. Not helping.

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If sinners be damned to Hell, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. And if they will perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees. Let no one go there unwarned and unprayed for.
Charles Spurgeon (via tothegloryofgod)

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Have you ever gotten the feeling where you can’t wait to have a genuine conversation where you explore another person’s mind as he/she explores yours? I wish I felt like that about prayer.
Recent thought about relationships and God. (via churchjanitor)

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Top 10: Fashion Rules


1. Everyone wants to use your body as an advertisement. Be selective. 

2. A little too loose is better than a little too tight. Unless it’s your birthday, a fourth date, a girl’s night out, or you just feel like rocking that hot little bod of yours. 

3. Be inspired by current trends, but don’t dress so trendy you’re replacing your entire closet every season. Fashion is about individual style, not consumerism. 

4. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Unless you’re headed to the park or the soup kitchen. Or you just don’t feel like being a ten today.

5. Heels can never be too high. Use your kitchen as a runway and practice like you’re about to win America’s Next Top Model. Or fuck heels and wear flats.

6. When in doubt, vintage inspired is always a classic. But so are jeans and a v-neck. Be comfortable. 

7. After a few too many evenings with a bowl of ice cream, shapewear is your friend. Unless you’re comfortable with the shape you already wear. In that case, be your bad ass self and rock it. 

8. Mix patterns, textures, and prints. Or wear all black. Comfort and confidence are key.

9. Not every style will look flawless on you. But if you love something, you should wear it. Life is too short to avoid shorts because of cellulite and always wear sleeves because your arms aren’t perfect.

10. Wear white after Labor Day and miniskirts over the age of 40. Fashion rules, these included, are meant to be broken.

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Most difficult part of marriage… Life.

Life is hard and let’s face it, none of us walk into a relationship without issues and life throws curve balls all the time, which expose your flaws and weaknesses. So marriage is hard work, because it’s incredibly easy to become complacent in your relationship, because it’s so familiar and in the process forgetting that as life is changing you, it’s also changing the other person and to keep up with that progress. To remain in touch with your spouse’s needs and at the same time being honest about your own growth and needs… It’s the constant stopping and checking up on your relationship, nurturing it, but allowing yourself to grow is hard. It’s hard because life isn’t romantic sunset walks on the beach, it’s international deployments, infertility, relocations, financial strain, illness, occupational stress, dysfunctional families and nowhere to be seen friends. Marriage is hard because you promised that you will never give up and sometimes giving up feels like it would be the easiest thing to do.
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